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Sometimes we think that we need to give the most luxurious gift or the most perfect surprise on Valentine's day. The truth is that I don't know any person who demands that from their partner, but the quality and attention that is given during the date. My boyfriend and I love to be doing different things, both; when we see each other and when we are long distance. That's how I decided to make a list of 10 things that you can do with your partner as simple dates but full of emotional value.

1 A romantic picnic

I am a fan of picnics! I love going out and being in nature, lying on the grass and enjoying a nice view with good company. If you and your partner are fans of hanging out in nature, eating fresh things like fruit and vegetables, this is your type of date then.

What do you need?

Choose a place where you both feel comfortable and calm, do not choose a park or place where it is very crowdy or with traffic.

- Grab some table cloth or blacket.

- Prepare dishes like pasta, salads, bread, etc.

- For dessert maybe some cupcakes, strawberries with chocolate, cake.

2 Cook something together and then eat it

This can be one of the most fun and challenging at the same time. The first time I cooked together with my boyfriend, we had a thousand disagreements hahaha and little by little we started getting to know each other, now we've learned to coexist better in the kitchen. This will give you a better understanding of yourself and your partner, it is an opening to communicate better, work as a team and give yourself patience to understand each other. Plus, no doubt whatever you choose to cook will taste even better if you cook it together. I'm a 100% sure of that.

What do you need?

Get to an agreement of what you guys wanna eat.

Tasty drinks.

Some nice candles for dinner time and...

¡Bon appetit!

3 Make a blanket fort or go to a drive-in and put blankets on the trunk

I'll be honest, I still have my inner child enjoying things that many might think are absurd. I'm the kind of person who can go into puddles and jump, roll in the grass or make blanket forts in my living room and imagine it's home. If you are one of those people along with your partner, I recommend this. Feeling like children again is one of the most beautiful feelings there is and you can enjoy a great night together full of intimacy..

If you're not into this, you can choose to go to the closest drive-in and enjoy a good movie lying in the trunk of your car.

You may be one of those couples who watch movies all the time, but doing something extra other than just watching the movie gives you a whole new experience.

what do you need?

- Tons of blankets for the fort or trunk

- Snacks like popcorns, candy, chocolate, nachos.

- some low lights

-Pick a good movie both feel comfortable in watching.

4 Make a scavenger hunt

I can be the happiest to go in search of adventure and challenges. As well as I really enjoy doing this kind of activities for others. Scavenger hunts can be all kinds of things. I did one at my boyfriend's house, another virtually and so there may be thousands more. In this kind of date your creativity is everything. Stores, restaurants, at home, etc. It can be one activity in search of THE gift or several stops with small gifts or the stop can be the gift, you know?

Recently I had planned a treasure hunt for my partner and it was all about the 5 senses; each stop was specifically for one sense. For the ear, a dark room made to meditate and listen to relaxing sounds. With the view, a bookstore where you could sit down to read and observe the ceilings painted with constellations. For the sense of smell I picked a bar decorated with different flowers and plants. While with the sense of taste, I chose a restaurant with exotic vegetarian food and finally the touch, it would be a relaxing bath with salts. That's ,just an idea of how a scavenger hunt can turn into an amazing date.

What do you need?

Your imagination and creativity

Organize and check if you'll put just one gift or more than one.

Prepare everything and ask for people's help in advance if you need it.

5 Go ice skating

It's simple and fun! (if you know how to skate hahaha) the first time I went to an ice rink I needed the walkers that they provide to support you but at some point I learned. After a few times, I became a lover of going ice skating. This can be an activity that you can enjoy with your partner and is somewhat of a romantic cliché. Then you can go for a hot chocolate or go to dinner with your partner and spend a good evening together.

What do you need?

Find the closest ice skating place you have and take your partner.

6 Paint canvas and give it to each other

For those who enjoy art; this may be one of your favorite dates. You don't need to be talented or gifted to paint something cute and give it to your partner. When you're in a healthy relationship, it doesn't matter what kind of gift you get, but the detail, even more so when it's made by your partner.

What do you need?

Buy 2 canvas any size.

Buy some painting.

Pick a place where you both wanna paint.

7 Tomar alguna clase juntos

I haven't had a chance to go on a date like this but I have many friends who have tried it and say it's a lot of fun. It could be a cooking or dance class, maybe exercise. As long as the activity is done in pairs and both of you are open to the option of learning something new. Perhaps it can become an activity that you like so much that you want to continue doing it.

What do you need?

Search city calendars or centers where you can take classes and sign up for the option you like the most.

8 Couple's massages

This option is simple and not very expensive, depending on the type of massage you want. There are some that last an hour and are only massages or the ones that are full of things like masks, chocolate or mud baths, clay, massage, etc, etc. Perhaps a day at the spa is what you and your partner need after days full of work and stress. Or maybe you guys wanna try something more spiritual like massages and a temazcal, meditations, yoga. It is also an option that you can perhaps do more in a weekend as a couple's retreat than just for the day.

9 board games night

Do you want a quieter night? Take out all the board games you have and if you don't have, buy some. Get drinks, order food, put good music and get ready to have fun with board games. You can even bet little things like who washes the dishes in the week or walks the pet, etc. As long as it stays as what it is: games.

Games I recommend:

A deck of cards





10 Do something completely different to what you usually do

Maybe it could be a small activity like going to a city museum, gallery, mini golf or maybe one with a bigger budget like going skydiving, going to a concert, etc. The idea is to do something out of your routine with that special person in your life. Dare to get out of your comfort zone, it will bring a new experience to your relationship and create a closer bond. This is one of the things that my boyfriend and I like the most, we are that type of couple who constantly do different things that not only fill you with memories but also give you a lot of wisdom.

And as I said at the beginning, whatever you do; the key will always be in the attention you give each other during your date. You can bring the moon but if there is no quality in the date, your partner is not going to have a good time. Before creating the perfect date, focus on creating a time of conviviality and connection with your love relationship, regardless of the surroundings. Enjoy your Valentine!


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