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2. This is the legacy you should leave if today was your last day

Imagine that today is your last day, what impression would you leave on your family, friends, partner, the world? Many of us think about leaving a fortune of money or your name in fame ... but if none of that were a legacy, what would we leave then?

What are you gonna do in your life?!

That was the question I hated the most in my teenage years and I had many reasons why. Personally, I feel that these are the most difficult years to decide something so important and I honestly believe that today we are increasingly rushing more and more to know what we will do instead of using those years to be curious about the world, the life itself and looking for answers to everything! Art, philosophy, science, soak up everything a little. It's absurd, don't you think?

Before I could understand that you had a family and a job at such an early age because people died young, there was no such sophisticated science or medicine and it was about taking advantage of life in that short term; Now it seems that despite having more life, we want to do everything in a matter of our adolescence and at most to be accomplished at 30 and the pressure becomes greater and greater.

I think we have made a lot of progress and we have evolved in many things but there are some others that just do not quite fit. Adolescence are the years that we should take the most advantage of to get to know ourselves, and how can we know ourselves? Testing. But sometimes we give more importance to a few likes in our last photo than to get involved in knowing and contributing to our mentality, spirituality, emotions and physicality.

Remember chapter 1? On how sometimes the ego hurts us and other times it supports us, well in order to know what we want to do with our lives we must know it. Because even what we decide to dedicate to ourselves for the rest of our lives has to do with the things we believe about ourselves. Yes, sometimes we apply talent or skill, but our beliefs weigh more and if that were not the case, I am sure there would be more artists, more writers, astronauts, painters, etc. Over the years we forget those passions and turn them into hobbies or we forget them and leave them like dusty books in our memories.

It is a fact that before dying people mention more the things that they regret not having done or said out of fear, to acknowledge the things they did. Because a truth is presented before you, a truth that perhaps some have had the opportunity to see long before they die...

Even having everything you ever wanted material or having the largest amount of money, at the end of your life none of that is going to matter as much as the person you were with the people around you, how much you loved, how many times did you really feel alive. No legacy will be as important as the one you leave as a human being.

Or don't you remember the story of Scrooge's ghosts?

Now let's change the question, instead of What do I want to do with my life? to:

Who do I want to be in my life?

It is very different, right?

As a teenager, the only thing I focused on was material, likes and people's attention, until one day a mentor told me:

"Scholarship is not about what you are going to do in your life, the world is full of people who work only for money, without even enjoying themselves, without living. It's about realizing yourself as a person, do you want to leave a legacy? Leave the legacy respect, love, teamwork, worth."

Automatically something woke up in me and my way of seeing things was no longer the same, I realized that that void that I felt was filling little by little because my actions had bigger purposes. I stopped focusing on wanting to have things because they were fashionable and because I was going to receive attention and I began to learn to be a leader, forge habits in myself such as reading, leaving my comfort zone and the one that moved me the most: I dedicated myself to supporting and caring for those around me. They say that if you want to get there fast, do things alone but if you want to go far, go together.

If you had all the money and time in the world, what would you do professionally?

My dad once asked me this question after having a crisis about what he wanted to do with my life. The answer I gave him was almost immediate and even when I told him I wanted to be a singer, it took me almost two years to decide to dedicate myself to that. I knew it was the answer because only by singing I can feel that passion that is tireless, that indescribable feeling of feeling alive. But I was scared, I felt that I was not going to be able and that I was going to fail, however with great courage I decided to stop listening to the little voice of the ego, I got out of my comfort zone and today I am currently studying my singing career.

Remember that all this is a process that takes time, it is not overnight that you already feel radiant with joy. It is a path full of challenges and temptations when choosing it. Life / the universe / God or whatever you want to call it; He always likes to challenge all of us to prove to ourselves that we can as long as we are willing to pay the prices for any of our decisions.

Today think and write in your notebook, Who am I going to be in about ten years? and How do I intend to become like this?

To become that person, we need to clean up everything that no longer works for you. Do you remember that you wrote down the impediments you have to achieve your dreams and where they started from? Well, it is time to free them to be able to have space for what we do want.

My dear reader, have you noticed how you can watch a movie with three of your friends and each of you will have a different opinion about the movie? Well, the same thing happens in the movie of your life. In an event in your life, both you and the other people involved will have your own version and interpretation of what happened. However in the end, it will always be a worthless event until you put one on it. Just as a movie will only be any movie until you see it and put your criticism.

And when we realize that they were worthless events until we give it ourselves, it is when it causes us fear or love. So those emotions caused by the past that prevent you from fulfilling your dreams, it is time to turn them neutral, how? Taking action:

You are going to write a letter and you need to let yourself go, let that emotion come out with everything, write what you felt and what you thought at that moment, what you decided from there on yourself and once what should come out, forgive yourself and forgive the person / s who were part of that event. Because neither you nor they are guilty, each one simply acted according to their own version of life. At the end of that letter, you are going to put the commitments that will lead you to be that person within 10 years that you wrote in the notebook and the actions that you will take daily to train yourself.

So you can leave your legacy in the history of the world as the person who dared to be the best version of himself and set the example for others.

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