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7. Your actions could create tsunamis

Surely you are familiar with the phrase that says that for every action there is a reaction or if you do not know that phrase you may have ever heard someone say "karma" after an event had a consequence and I think that many times we underestimate the power that has this universal law that Isaac Newton could teach us more in a scientific way...

I have been studying this law for a long time because over the years I have realized the importance it has in my day to day life, and that is not only something that applies when we do something great but also in our actions more little.

A few years ago I was dating a person who I liked but for his reasons he decided to break up with me. If I end up a bit hurt but ... I am not one of those people who get angry with life and harm others. However, I had this bad habit of hurting myself in the process of mourning and sadness, such as having my eating habits and sleeping horribly badly organized, I didn't have a job, I didn't study either, I spent most of my time sad and lost.

Fortunately I had my incredible friends with whom I see constantly and they took care of me at all times so that little by little I could get ahead and on one occasion one of them sent me a video of a girl making a list of things that scared her and going through one of them everyday. Immediately in my mind the same idea came to me, only I was not as scared as the girl in the video hahaha so I decided to take away many fears and add situations where I could leave my comfort zone and situations in which I could give a little of love to the world.

I made a list of 100 days in which I could do all kinds of activities, no matter if they were small or large, the point was to do it daily. It took me a whole month to prepare my list because thinking about a hundred things is more difficult than you imagine and I started it on the first of March of that year. I was scared because I didn't have the money to create some of the challenges, nor the way to do them, but I did something that many may find very difficult to do. I asked for support with my friends and acquaintances and that's how I started, little by little, to achieve my challenges. I learned to skateboard, I gave lots of hugs and meals, I cooked and ate something that I had not done before, I dyed my hair a completely different color from mine, I touched animals that I never thought of touching, I parachuted, I swam with sharks , I got a tattoo and well I could go on the list but I would have to mention the hundred challenges...

Now as I said, I did not have any resources, I felt emotionally and physically fatal but the moment I started my challenges, everything moved. The moment I took that first step, not only did the opportunities that I was looking for to do my challenges opened, but there were also opportunities that I had not contemplated, such as obtaining a job without looking for it and I realized that absolutely everything It happens on the outside, it starts by choosing what we want to feel inside and that becomes a domino effect, but it starts from you.

You will think that I am crazy or that maybe it was just "luck" but the truth is that at that moment I learned to manipulate this famous law so that what I wanted in my life would arrive, sometimes it still costs me, there are thousands of times in the I can't find the way out and I get stuck in a problem that on the outside seems small but inside my head feels incredibly huge, but it is a matter of shaking myself, taking everything back and then starting the moment to create, to innovate.

Along our way, there will be times when one decision will make another and the latter may have prices to pay that you do not like or that may cause collateral damage to the people you love or the things you love and that is to be aware of that in every moment.

Maybe after having grown up and getting to know new things and versions of yourself, you change something that you no longer want to do or your priorities have changed. In my case, these last few months have been challenging just because my priorities have changed completely. I used to be a person who since I can remember I was always a girl who thought about leaving my house and focusing on creating my professional life, having a lot of money and dedicating myself to having animal shelters and finally, that was my main focus. My foundations, my approaches were directed at what I was going to produce and how that was going to contribute to animals and the earth, for me there was not something bigger than that and many people, if not everyone... told me that I was crazy. Because I didn't want a partner, or a family, I didn't want attachments to anyone and for many many years it was like that. Whoever loved me cool and whoever didn't, could go away, and I always defended it with claws and although all my pride resents it, I admit I could not be more wrong hahaha.

Today I have a partner with whom I feel happy and 100% committed to creating all our dreams together. A couple with whom I have learned little by little to not only see for myself but for all those I love. I come into my life in an unexpected way and it has moved my foundations and principles for the better, now I confirm even more that every decision not only damages every event in my life, but also what I decide affects in some way everything that is around me and ripples are created, like the flapping of a butterfly that can eventually become tsunamis.

Small details make the difference in your future...

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