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8 Things you need to know before turning 20

We all go through the stage where we question everything around us, we doubted what we wanted and to some extent we also lost ourselves internally. So this post goes to my past self and to all those people who are under the age of 20.

Everything will be fine

Many times we come across people who tell us this and yet we doubt it because it seems that the world is going to fall on us and we end up on vices or thoughts that sink us a little more every day. Personally, when I was a teenager, I felt lost in many moments, sometimes ending my life was the only way out I could think of.

But I think the biggest fear I had was that when I felt like this, I didn't know what was going to happen in the future and that created a lot of anxiety in me. Although those were the worst moments, I began to realize what people who loved me said, was indeed true.

Things hurt at first, whatever it is, no one else will understand it better than you and that will create this thought that you are alone. But if I could travel back in time I would tell my younger self that it is normal to feel this way, that this is just a part of the process of growing up and because you think you are alone, it does not mean that you really are.

Invest in yourself

It's definitely not the age at which you must define absolutely everything that will happen in your life. Adolescence is not the stage where you already need to have a plan for your next sixty years. This is the stage where you can absorb the most knowledge of everything. Habits, skills, lessons, etc.

Take care of your mind, body and spirit. I know it sounds very cliché to say this, but it is the truth. Many of us have experienced anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders, insomnia, lack of faith and if you don't make yourself one of your priorities, there will come times where you want to throw in the towel.

Create your own routine where you can have time for yourself and also that helps you stay strong and motivated.

Learn to have good finances

Oh my, finances. I think it is one of the most important issues, more now in our present where there are a thousand ways to manage your money, savings and investments. I have learned it the hard way to a certain point after some events that happened to my father, where he had to learn to manage the money of his business yes o yes. So don't wait for such a situation to occur to learn how to keep your finances clean.

Having extra money at this age is one of the most wonderful and dangerous things at the same time, because we always have that feeling of wanting to spend it on something we want. However, one of the things that should stay with you the most, is that saving will always be for a greater good in the future.

Embrace your emotions and feelings

You will suddenly feel that you have no control of what you feel or who you are. It is normal. In many of our environments people are uncomfortable with negative emotions and tend to advise us to think about something else or they tell us that it doesn't exist, etc. Socially, it is still something that not everyone knows how to deal with because we don't talk about issues the way we should.

There's beautiful emotions and there are those that are not, but that doesn't mean that they are wrong or bad. So instead of avoiding them, hiding or fighting with them; embrace them and let them in because they are not going to stay forever, they are momentary.

Learn from your failures

We all hate failing. Let's be honest, it makes us feel terrible and that is why we are all afraid of both the word and the event, right? hahaha

But there is something we need to learn and understand from being teenagers to the end of our journey: failure is where we learn the most. If it weren't for the failure in my past relationships, today I wouldn't have the person I always wanted as a partner. If it weren't for the failure of past events in my life, today I wouldn't even be able to talk about the topics that I talk about in this blog.

Failure may feel horrible in the moment, but over time it becomes a lesson that helps us be better versions of ourselves in the future. Failure is part of anyone's life.

Take a chance

I have commented this on previous posts, but risking something is one of the best decisions we can make whether you are a teenager or not. We have this idea that things should be safe and sometimes because we live so safe, that we end up regretting what was not done or said. Many times I have run into situations in which I could play it safe to prevent myself from being hurt, because maybe things could not go the way I want or I could decide to do it because it will be worth it to get to the top of the mountain and see everything I learned and grew along the way.

Take the risk of living life. You are here to enjoy it, to feel that adrenaline rush and the throb of your excited heart every time you open your eyes, to see beyond the "ordinary".

Different is good

How many of you were called weird at some point in your life? Surely many do. From little to this day, one of the adjectives that people always use to describe me is that I am weird. Years ago this affected me to a level that you can't imagine! But little by little while I was growing up, I realized that people call weird to those who want to be authentic. We are so used to wearing masks that when someone goes out into the world without one of them, they are classified as weirdos.

Just be who you want to be by always being respectful to others even when they are not. Nothing is going to make you happier than letting go of your masks and showing yourself as who you are even when the people around you don't like it.

Everything is temporary

And that brings me to this last point.

Starting from what is inside you, to what is outside. Nothing will always be the same. This is a hard point, because it is when we realize that we do not have control of everything. Every good or bad situation is temporary. There will be people in your life that you thought would be with you forever and end up leaving. We all have a date when we'll leave this world. Work, money, success are not permanent either. Emotions, attitudes, beliefs also don't last forever, positive or negative.

And knowing this will help you grow and learn to forgive.

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