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8. Why looking back is only going to cause you suffering

One of the things we most tend to take for granted is that we have already learned enough to turn our lives around, but today I find myself dealing with an obstacle that has taken me many months to jump and just a few days ago I understood why what...

These months I have found myself in a mental, emotional and physical dilemma from which I have not been able to get out. As I mentioned in the previous post, there are certain moments in my life when I really feel stagnant and people may see my small obstacle, however for me it becomes the biggest obstacle I have experienced in my present life. And this is how I have been these last months, conflicted with what I want to do in my life, with how I feel, etc.

And suddenly, I am in one of those time lapses in which I have lost the motivation to continue working on all my goals and yes, I have gone through times where I have felt that way but I have moved on almost the next second. But, I have also found myself at times when it takes longer for me to re-ignite the engines of my life and it was only recently that I realized that these extended pauses are only hurting myself.


Most of the time when a person says "don't suffer for the past," they mean forgetting what hurt you so much and start with a blank page. But there is another part of this suffering that I personally would call passive-aggressive suffering, which is when I start to think about past events that made me extremely happy and touched my life like never before, and I compare them with what I am living in. the present day. Causing these types of pauses because the tools that worked for me in the past do not work now.

I put it like this, when we go to the gym just in the beginning, we use a routine and equipment

With little weight to start, a few weeks pass and our instructor changes our routine and increases the weight on the equipment because in addition to the fact that we have the ability to endure more, our body gets used to it and stops creating muscle or losing weight. Well, during these days I have been thinking a lot when one of my trainers said that it was the same to train your body and train your mind, different technique but the same effort and steps. In the case of the mind: you start, you use tools, your mind gets used to it and that is when we must increase the amount of effort, we apply more than one tool, we begin to grow. Because if we don't, our mind begins to feel comfortable, making the uncomfortable now part of our comfort zone, crazy, right?

We can take a break, take a breath of air and continue working, but if we take a longer break, that's when we "cool off" and passive-aggressive suffering begins. No one ever instills in us, nor does they prepare us for these types of situations and only with time we learn them, some before others and others do not even take them into account until the last days of their lives. That is why I decided to make this blog, to share all this kind of information that sometimes we cannot even discuss with others because we become crazy. Life is full of unfortunate events, it is unfair and it is not about resenting it, it is about learning from it by training your body, mind and soul. Releasing what hurt us and what worked for us, because absolutely nothing is ever the same twice.

So, like me, choose to accept the situation you are in and recognize what is now your comfort zone and re-prioritize your goals, what worked yesterday, may or may not work today, but maybe it is giving the Double the effort so that you get the result that you want, that you deserve and thus break the pattern of suffering.

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