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Actions that help us improve our mental health

Have you ever felt that by paying attention to one specific thing, you've left behind so many other important ones? Well these last few months it has been very difficult for me to find the balance between the important things in my life. On one hand, things are going unbelievably good and I have advanced like I haven't in a long time, but on the other hand, I have left things a bit dusty, such as my mental health. I'm still learning that mental health, as well as the others; need constant work, it's not just for a few months to attend it and that's it. It is more about perseverance. Creating habits that should always be present in our daily life and giving required attention to each section in order to grow.

After a few months of feeling low on my mental health, I have decided to take a step and start taking care of myself as I have done it before and this is why I want to share with you some of the things that I will be implementing in my life and daily routine which with dedication I'll be able to turn into habits this year.


When I started meditating I realized that it's one thing with greatest benefits, not only in my mental health but also in other parts of my life. Apart from stimulating my senses, calming me down and many other benefits, meditating helps me create focus and direction to my life.

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Drink water and eat fresh healthy food

I'm not kidding, a few years ago I decided with my sister to do a sugar free diet, we removed all processed sugar and even from certain foods such as honey. At first we had days of torture because we felt like we wanted everything that has sugar, but as the days went by we also noticed that we were more energetic, stronger and even more positive. They say we are what we eat and as someone who tested that theory, I confirm that what we eat influences not only our physical health but our emotional and mental health as well.


Doing yoga is one of the things that can help us the most in our day to day life. From building muscle and improving our flexibility and posture, to strengthening our mental intention and understanding our emotions. Just start or end your day with a 15-minute yoga session to feel amazing. 100% guaranteed!

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Exercise and I have a toxic relationship. Sometimes we are very good and other times I don't wanna know anything about him. I really don't have to mention all the benefits of exercising, do I? Making it a habit either every day or at least three times a week is almost mandatory if you want to have a healthy life in the short, medium and long term.


I don't think this is for everyone but those who want can still try it. Having a record of my emotions and what happens in my life on many occasions has helped me a lot. Not only to vent but also to realize what I do have in my life and feel grateful for it.

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Talk with my loved ones

I know very few people who don't find it difficult to share with others what they're really feeling. We are so used as a society to hide our emotions, like when you have a crush on someone or when you feel lonely, etc. Many times we are there for whoever needs us and we have this idea that people aren't there for us, when in reality they would love to be there only we don't allow it.

So this will be one of the habits that gets me out of my comfort zone, and I think it's one of the things that will help me the most when I feel that I am going to give up doing this habits.


I have left this activity to last because it is, I believe, the most difficult for me. Since I was a little girl I have had this bad habit of sleeping late, my family has that tendency to sleep late as well and I have gotten used to it. However, I am aware of how bad it can be for our health and how it can harm many mental and emotional factors. That's why I will from now on sleep early and make it one of the habits I create this year.

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This is how I end my list, creating habits is not an easy thing and we all need to be aware of that. Also remember we can fall and there will be times when we will want to give up, not just once but several times and we must be prepared to handle such cases. Also, practice having empathy with yourself and know that the results we seek are long-term, it will take patience and time.

This is a space precisely to give you the confidence and security you need to start your path and improve your health. Feel free to look me up or get involved in the club community!

What's another habit you think it should be part of your daily life?

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