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Hello! If you are here it is because you found one of my posts that interested you or because you are looking for support on a specific topic ... Maybe you were simply interested in my content and are seeing what else you can find.

I introduce myself, my name is Beca, I am 22 years old and I am currently studying a music career -specially singing-, for the last 7 years of my life I have dedicated myself to having a lifestyle "mindfulness."

What's that? you may be wondering, well in a nutshell for me to live like this is to dedicate myself to finding a purpose in harmony with what I like to do and with what I already am. It is a path where I am still learning and I think it is something that I will never stop doing, but it is a path that I would like to share with you. From what I have learned in past years to what I am currently learning.

My intention is not only to share you but also to motivate you to find your own path, if you choose, and then to be able to create a community of young and old by supporting each other through experience.

What can I find on your blog?

I am going to share with you from positive experiences that I had and obstacles that I have had since my teenage years to the good and bad things that I currently live. If you are here it is because you are seeking to learn and find your way of self-knowledge. I cannot tell you who you should be, if it is correct or not, but if we can find new things about ourselves growing together. There are many things that I have planned for this site from YouTube channel, Podcast, Workshops, Virtual Events, among others. The Beca club is not only about what I share, I also want to listen to you and get to know you so that I can then support abroad together.

Why choose a mindfulness path?

I cannot lie to you and tell you that it is a beautiful path, full of butterflies and incredible views. In reality sometimes it is a learning path with laughter, a lot of love, courage. While at other times it is a dark and lonely road, with pain and confusion, but it will never be impossible to cross when you are sure that it is part of the learning process and that learning is part of living. What you can know is that when you choose to have a path of identity, you will meet people in the same tune as you and believe me, you will never be alone if you really give yourself the opportunity to learn from your own style of life.

Life is full of highs and lows like a roller coaster, but when it gets more interesting when we can understand why we come across those highs and lows.

My goal is...

I'm going to share a little bit about why I'm doing this.

Some time ago, I crossed many obstacles and ended up thinking that I was alone, until I was given the opportunity to take a workshop where I learned some things about myself, such as my ability, my leadership and the power I had to achieve my goals and dreams if I wanted to. It was then that I began to achieve things that I didn't even think I could be able to do. After some years I met some friends who were at the same point that I had been before and I offered my support from what I had found, this is how little by little they crossed their obstacles themselves, but they did not have to be alone during their way. This is how today after several months of thinking about it, I decided that it was time to share my experiences and my fears in order to support you. Because thanks to all this that I have crossed and learned, I feel calm to be living the life that I have today.


I am looking for people who are looking for that same path to learn and inspire, to become the human being that you want to be so much. People who are fighting for their dreams and for the dreams of others, who want to grow as a team.

I know that there are prices to pay, things that you could lose as your comfort zone, but there is much much more to gain when you choose the path of learning, growing and teaching.

What do you choose?


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