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How to start a bullet journal

Steps to start your diary

Welcome to the blog! First of all ... are you ready to start a new way of decorating and keeping your diary or agenda organized?

Let's get started!

First of all you need to know what it is ...

The BuJo or Bullet Journal method is a system beyond organization, it is about giving a positive vibe to your day. It consists of organizing your agenda, ideas and thoughts in a blank notebook and having them tracked.

The creator of this type of methodology was Ryder Carroll, who put a series of bases to create this design: index, a record, a daily record, future tasks, a monthly record and a series of lists, collections or topics depending on what to you like it It's about putting all your creativity into it! The main idea is that those who practice this methodology live with intention, productivity and meaning by writing down things that inspire you.

Now you may wonder ... how do I start from scratch?

Step number one:

You should get a notebook, it does not necessarily have to be a specific notebook, as long as it is a notebook that you can easily carry in your bag, backpack or portfolio is perfect.

Here are some links to notebooks that you can get on Amazon and they can work perfectly for you:

Step two:

Once you have your notebook, you can also buy some supplies that will serve you for the decorations and creativity that you want to put into it.

Here are some links of what you can get on Amazon and they can work perfect for you:

Marcadores y plumones

Sellos y calcomanias

Step three:

Define what type of BuJo you want to have, there are different types of newspapers; It can be to track your habits and routine, it can be just a diary of thoughts, art, ideas, etc.

Once you define the theme you want to give it, you must decide the design style you want for your Bullet Journal, there are three well-known ones:

  1. Minimalist style: it is a very simple design and with a range of neutral colors to give it the famous elegant touch.

  2. Creative Style: it is half minimalist and half creative, it is the style that I personally like more than the other two, it is the one that I use almost always to keep track of my schedule.

  3. Artistic style: this is one of the most artistic that you can imagine, from scrap, watercolor, they are full of drawings, writings, phrases, etc. It's full of energy. It is also another of the styles that I use frequently but not as often as the creative one.

Step four:

Plan a day, either weekly or monthly, in which you want to design your Bullet Journal. It is important that you have clear ideas of what you would like to design because sometimes it can be a task that takes a few hours of your time.

Something you should know...

To have a bullet journal you must know that everything is a matter of practice and habit. I know many people who want to start one but don't know how to start it because they don't feel artistic enough to start it, now I recommend that you start using a minimalist style, that's how I started it and it gives you an idea of ​​the concept and the methodology. , as well as little by little you can start adding more things of art.

Keep in mind that once you do the style you want with or without art, you must do it constantly. For example, I do it once a month; I design all the pages for the weeks of the following month and sometimes when I have little time to elaborate it, I take it twice a month to design it. I usually choose the day that I am least busy to take a few hours for my BuJo.

Many people also believe that it is difficult to make one because they are not artistic or creative, I recommend using Pinterest to get an idea of ​​what you would like to have as a bullet journal, here is the link to my pinterest board with some ideas that you can implement for your own journal:



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