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The letter all parent should read...

The bond between a father and a son is one of the strongest that I know, I see it in humans, in animals, I see it even with nature itself. That is why today I have decided to speak from the perspective as a daughter to all the parents who read this.

Dear parents...

I thank you for bringing me into the world, because however you have done it, today I am here thanks to you. I understand that the decisions you have made for me to grow up were according to what you learned from your past -from my grandparents-, they were neither good nor bad and I know that you did it with the intention that I would become a person. successful and great that you always imagined it would be.

Thank you! because in your eyes I can see myself with love even when your actions could prove otherwise. It is a love that not everyone has the opportunity to feel and that it is impossible for me to describe it because I am not a father, but I know that it is the love that has fed me, welcomed me and contributed, that day by day keeps me firm and with a flame in my heart to move on.

And you must understand that I will grow, that I will have other ties in addition to the one you and I have. Relationships that maybe some will not end well and I will get hurt or hurt people. But I must learn to understand my emotions and solve my problems on my own, even though you sometimes want to interfere. Do not worry, I will be wiser than I was yesterday and even so I will continue to fall as many times as I must in order to reach my goals, to be able to have the things that I have wanted to have. But that will never take away your title nor will it make you less in my life.

I know that a part of you will understand sooner or later and maybe another part of you will continue to try to control my actions as when I was little and was not aware of what I could cause myself. However, I am going to need you to let me go and let me take charge of my life, otherwise it could cause me to distance myself from you. Nor is it about you giving me absolutely everything I want, because when you leave, I will not know how to be independent of you. I only ask you not to control me, but to teach me so that when I grow up like you, I know how to do things the right way. I'm sure it's difficult for you to see me grow, to see me build my individual life little by little, that you would like time to freeze and stay small forever, believe me I think so sometimes too hahaha.

And I don't say it very often but I want you to know that I am always and will always be admiring what you do, looking for a way to make you feel proud or trying to get your attention, to the point that it can become one of the biggest pressures on me. lifetime.

It is likely that when I am a teenager, that desire to have your attention is manifested in some of my actions and behavior, such as my grades, my friends, whatever I decide to study or how I decide to be with those around me. That is when I will need your empathy and your ears the most, for you to remember what it feels like to be a growing young man. Although people think that adolescents are heavy and do not let anyone in, I am very sure that if you, like my father or mother, approach them without any mask, being 100% authentic and without any kind of judgment; I am going to open myself to you and recharge myself with your wisdom to be able to move forward, to be able to find solutions. And so I will have you as my greatest trustee and it will be one of the greatest gifts that you can give me in my life. Learning from you will help me create my relationships with the outside world, it will give me the opportunity to be empathetic with others, to find a partner and create my own family.

It's funny how sometimes we think that showing ourselves strong and tough is the only way to educate ourselves, that based on strength and superiority is when people can respect us, when in reality respect comes when there is empathy between each other. , and it not only makes you a great father but also a human being who has lived joys, pain, fears, passions ... What better way than to show me the past so that today I can make the best decisions that will shape my future?

The moment we can share that relationship, I will realize that I can fully trust you. I will understand that I do not have to prove anything to the world if you teach me to accept myself as I am and not as you would like me to be. I will learn that things even if they don't look the way I want them to, it doesn't mean they're bad.

Your wisdom will remain as a legacy, the one that I know that on many occasions you got it through sleepless nights and sweat, through falls and achievements.

Please do not be afraid to show me your duels, your adventures, your lessons, who you really are; because it will undoubtedly be a privilege and I will continue to love you for who you are to me today. So I will also have the courage to teach you who I am, what I like and what I don't like, what I have learned and what I still have to learn.

Please, I also ask you not to try to change me just because you don't like me as I am, that will only distance us more. Allow me to be heard, give me opportunities to explain and teach you before you impose your own beliefs. There will be things that you can motivate me to change because you know that they are not good for me and others that you will have to accept...

Just remember that in addition to being your son, I am also a human being like you.

Thank you.

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