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VISION BOARD ¿how does it work?

The year 2020 has arrived, you counted down until our clocks finally hit 12:00 and after! The quarantine took away more than half of the plans you had in the year, but there is a method that can help you to take control of your dreams again...

During this year, I have dedicated myself a lot to writing, remembering and understanding how we can get out of this pandemic with the attitude of creating, growing and supporting. I have to admit that due to everything that is happening, it is not easy but not impossible and that is why today I am going to tell you what a vision board or also known as a dream board is, which has been one of the tools that I use the most, not only with the pandemic but that I apply constantly.

¿What's a Vision Board?

A vision board is a physical and mental way of manifesting your goals and making them come true through the law of attraction, if you don't know what I'm talking about, you can take a few minutes to read my post about it:

A dream board can help us to visualize our goals and dreams that we want to realize in a detailed way. It consists of images related to your goals and statements written by you pasted on a cardboard, a frame or whatever you want and then put it in a visible place that you observe frequently. I have mine in my bedroom because it is the place where I spend the most time in the morning and at night.

¿Why would I do a vision board?

Well first of all, a vision board is one of the tools that works the most to meet goals and purposes. It is not that just having a dream board and your goals become a reality, rather it is a way of "playing with your mind" so to speak, so that consciously and unconsciously you are remembering them and then you have the motivation to create them. It is like a contract with statements and images, dates and details so that your mind always has them in mind.

There is a Will Smith movie called Focus, if you have seen it, do you remember how Will Smith played with the mind of the gentleman at the football game so that he would unconsciously do what they had planned all day? Well, it's the same way that a dream board works. Your attention is directed to what you are constantly seeing, if the first thing you saw in the morning was the photo of the trip to Europe that you put on your vision board, it is likely that you will start to see ads, hear conversations or languages ​​that are related to your travel. It's one of those things that we always end up saying "Oh what a coincidence I saw this today!"

It is a method to create the habit of having results, that simple. To set goals very clearly, work on them and maintain the confidence that they will be created and the universe is ready to give them to you.

¿How can I do one?

There are a thousand ways to create a vision board, it can be from very minimalist and simple where you make your statements and images very clear, as well as it can be full of decoration, motivational phrases, ribbons and colored markers. The point is to get it in writing and dedicate yourself to each of your goals, like a little ritual.

You need:

- Get your images that you can take them out of magazines or download them from the internet and print them, a few years ago it was one of those that they cut out in magazines but now I like to download them on Pinterest, arrange them in a file and send them to print all on sticky sheets so that only have to cut and paste direct.

- Post its or pieces of paper where you can write the statement of each goal, that is; the date, specifically what you are going to create or what you want to obtain and details of how or if it should be divided into small goals, write them all on the paper.

- A wall, glass, cardboard or whatever you want to use to paste your images and statements. Before putting everything, I like to arrange it in a way that is very symmetrical.

I like to have my vision boards full of spark and motivation, they are not just glued images and that's it. They are demonstrations and in order to make them come true, you must feel as if you already have what you describe with those photos and statements. You can put colored ribbons, markers or feathers, spare spaces you can add motivational phrases, etc. There are a thousand ways to decorate or not, the idea is that you feel all those goals in your hands.

One suggestion...

There are also other ways in which I like to manifest my dream board, maybe it looks extreme for some, while for others it may be something that works for them, but I try to have visions board everywhere and when I say everywhere , I'm serious. Apart from having my physical board, I also have one that I make on my phone and on my other electronic devices to leave it as my wallpaper and to be able to constantly see it. I also keep my statements in places like my purse, my bathroom, my closet. It always works for me to be able to have different places to be remembering.

A vision Board is not something that works by magic, so do not think that just by hanging a picture with goals, it will automatically become a dream come true. They take time to manifest and sometimes they appear earlier as well as after the agreed date, do not focus on time, focus on fulfilling it feeling that you can.

Having a dream board is always fun and interesting, as long as you are on the same page, but if you do it with doubt and regret, I anticipate that it will not work completely.

There are times when even I who have made a vision board every year since I was ten years old, I have come to wonder how something ended up being accomplished if there was no absolute way that it was going to come true. Just as there are also times that I did not obtain my goal, things did not happen as I imagined them or due to other circumstances the goal moves from place and that is when we could question the efficiency of a Vision board, but how everything must continue to remain firm that it is possible.

I have a vision board that I made last year where I wrote long-term goals between last year, until 2030. Among them and without remembering it, I had since I wanted a love relationship by the middle of this year and I just started to create one A little before May, at the beginning of August, I began to read my goals from that board, because I had not seen it for a long time and I saw the goal of the love relationship and the description that I put on it, it is exactly what my boyfriend and I have.

As there are also other failures such as at the beginning of the year I had an event planned for the beginning of March, the organization was going well but there began to be people who canceled days before, moreover, the quarantine began that caused any type of event to be canceled, Leaving the way to achieve the goal very difficult, it may be that by the time things calm down and we return to activities without problem, I can return to organize the event and be able to make it a reality.

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