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What is the law of attraction

Having the life of your dreams may seem one of the most impossible or great things and we think that it is only about working and working to obtain it, but the truth is that not everything is doing action and that's it.

During my coaching time, one of the most important tools I learned was to realize that not everything was about doing, because to do there must be a motivation and a feeling linked to the action that creates a result. Many companies and marketing have told us otherwise, such as perfume brands that encourage you to buy because "smelling good you get the love of your life" and I can go with each market, but in the end they all follow the same operation so that you think that without it you will never feel loved, trusted, valuable, etc.

Now I explain all this to you because it is the law of attraction that breaks this equation and shows us that it is actually the opposite of how brands sell their products to us. The law of attraction is a way of visualizing the goals you want to achieve by linking them with your emotions, it is about feeling that you ALREADY have it, about developing a certain habit in yourself of believing that you can and that what you are looking for is yours because you deserve it. It consists of thinking and doing a series of emotional and mental exercises so that your conscious and unconscious work together to create your goals. Be it health, relationships, money, whatever you want.

To be able to apply it you must follow some steps but before applying them, you should know that it requires perseverance. It is not about thinking that by doing it one day, it is already magically created. You must create a habit and be based on gratitude, kindness, patience, knowing that what you give you receive and above all BELIEVE that it is possible.

Now once you have your foundation firmly established and you are clear that it will be a daily habit, these are the following steps to carry out the law of attraction:


Any goal you want to create. My boyfriend and I have decided to put a period of three months and during those months to visualize the things we want to create. Imagine each goal, as if it were already in your hands, no matter how big or small it is, visualize the date you see yourself already having it, be it three months as I do or two or five years. Keep in mind that to reach big goals, you have to go through many small or medium goals and you can visualize these in a short or medium term section.

Example; If your goal is to have a baby, you need to consider everything that needs to be achieved before having it, whether you want to have it with a partner, adoption or other forms that also take a process that takes time and is about visualizing just those little details that I promise you, they make a difference.


Affirmations are so powerful that there are times that even I believe they are magic. As the word says, it's about affirming who you are and what you already have. The trick is to be extremely careful to write them all positive.

Example of how to not do it:

I'm not going to eat junk food anymore to get the body I want.

How to do it:

I enjoy eating healthy and I have the body of my dreams.


Stay in high vibrations and energies, because goals and dreams come right from there and the idea is to tune in to them. It is not necessary to take an hour to meditate, just doing it for about ten minutes is enough.

Here's a free Spanish guide to meditate for beginers.

Create a vision board

I will not get much into this topic because I have a post prepared, but it is the physical visualization of the law of attraction, it is a board where you can see the life of your dreams with images.


One of the most important things is to write what you want and how you want it. Be clear about the steps and commit to carrying them out. This provides clarity, and keeping a gratitude journal is even easier!


Dream everything very beautiful and be someone positive, but it is also necessary that you know that the road is full of challenges, especially those who find themselves lacking in motivation. That's why searching for podcasts, videos, influencers, or accounts dedicated to this is a lifesaver when we feel like we can't. It really works 4 out of 5 days where I have felt in no mood to maintain my habit

Keep visualizing

All the way! This is one of the steps that many forget and is, I believe, the most important. It is very common that when you are creating the steps to reach your goal, fear enters and we start to doubt whether it is worth it or not. And right at that moment is where we must keep visualizing and saying our affirmations in our mind constantly, I can 100% confirm it every time I have put it into practice.

Finally be patient,

Keep in mind that it is not instant work, it takes time and more when it comes to reaching big goals.

Yes, there are times when from one day to the next the universe gives us the opportunity to achieve an achievement and they are those times that you don't even know how you achieved it, as there are also goals that take a few years to become reality.

I have lived it both ways, when I was a child I always wanted to go to study abroad and there were thousands of times I asked my dad to let me go, I put it every year on my vision board and that goal took a few more years Later, I was able to go to Washington DC to study for a few months. While my brother two months ago was doing his vision board in which he set as a goal to travel to NYC and two weeks later he and I had the opportunity to go. It's a matter of trust, because what you believe, you create!

Some books that are related to the subject are:

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