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Who do you want as your best friend?

A year ago I was sitting at my secret place in my University, I was just observing nature and people, something I really enjoy doing. Suddenly a question came into my mind; if I had the chance to choose something from nature as a best friend taking out animals and humans, what would that be? After a week thinking about it, I finally got the answer: a tree. I also realized my answer had a background meaning with my personality and my life and that's when I started wondering what other people would answer. They're responses where scrumptious


The majority of people picked a tree just as me, while others picked the ocean, moon and some others had the weirdest yet coolest answers. Asking that to strangers and friends not only made me understand them better but also gave us the confidence to talk about other meaningful things, not the superficial conversations we tend to have. That my dear readers is how I started building what I know call family.

Family doesn't need to be made just from blood. As a matter of fact, the word family has no boundaries in my opinion. It's the people who support each other in their best and worst moments of life. The people who will stick with us no matter what. As I started meeting more and more people, I realized many want the same thing: someone in their lives to stay with them no matter what. A true friend. How many of us have felt like we need one?

The truth is that all of us deal with bad days and most of the time we need someone to support us. But no one teaches us how to really be there for people. So, you can start making the difference, with giving someone 5 minutes of your time every day and trust me it can make a big difference on them. Focus on one person and try making his/her/their day happier, make them feel important, meaningful, because that is what matters. Imagine if we all did that to at least one of our loved ones? I'm sure racism would never increase as much as it is, there would not be as many bullies or families would be closer to each other.

My advice?

Be the example and stay humble and never stop spreading happiness to others. People like trees are so hard to find in these days but they exist, I've met some of them on the past year and consider yourself lucky if you have or find someone like that. Take care of those who provide you care and support and tell them how much you appreciate them. It is so necessary in the world now, don't take them for granted. And remember, what you give will always come back to you in the most unexpected time!

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